The Missions - Parishes - Hermitages and Monasteries of THEOCUS


Hermitage in Jacksonville, Florida. (All Monastic Clergy of THEOCUS are attached to this Monastery) - Abbot David+ Pastor,

Hermitage in Jacksonville, Florida - Father David+ Pastor

Hermitage in Alexandria, Virginia - Archimandrite Patrick+, Pastor, Diocese Chancellor


High Point, NC - Cathedral - +Metropolitan Michael, Pastor

Salisbury, NC - Cathedral - +Bishop James, Pastor

Niagra Falls, NY - Father Vincent+ Pastor

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 Brother Titus fell asleep in the Lord on November 21st, 2009. Brother Titus was born on November 13, 1971 and was Tonsured on the Feast Day of The Annunciation in 2007 and he received the Monastic habit on the Feast Day of the Holy Cross in 2009.  Brother Titus was of Ukrainian descent and his great grandfather fought on the side of the Czar in the Revolution in Russia. Brother Titus will be greatly missed. May his memory be eternal!




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                                                           Photos from the Holy Synod of 2013 - and the Ordination of Father George+



 Photos from the 2011 THEOCUS Consecration of +Bishop James - September 17, 2011